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Cutout of images

Get images cutout to your requirements - fast!

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Save time and money on your Cutouts

Leading supplier of graphic outsourcing services for nearly 20 years.

Cutout of packshots

Our workflow is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and tailored, automated processes.

Technology is supported by our team of 300 experienced graphic designers who ensure we deliver accurate cutouts - fast.

We perform everything from background removal to advanced cutout tasks, e.g. models with a lot of hair, bicycles or other complex images.

We can deliver your images with clipping path, mask and with or without background in desired file formats.

In short, images are produced according to your specific request within the agreed delivery time.

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Superimposing neck sections

We also offer a range post-processing services. Mindworking Asia has extensive experience with superimposing neck sections in clothes, smoothing out folds, retouching models for lookbooks, colour management and colour change on textiles.

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Easy as 1 2 3

We are continuously working on and improving our workflows - making it even easier to use our services. 


Most of our customers use our cloud-based automated workflow and our SFTP platform for uploading images.

In saying that we work with a multitude of clients and processes. Happy to work within your ecosystem of file transfers if required.


We constantly monitor our servers and our production team will provide email confirmation - of numbers of files and delivery time - once files are received.

Standard turnaround is 24hrs but that can come down to 4hrs.

We are a 24hr operation and you will always get a quick confirmation on any job uploaded.



Once ready you will get a confirmation email from our production team that files are available to be picked up from agreed location.

Mindworking Asia solves the core challenges around retouching for our clients.

Demand for quality graphic design skills

Image editing requires a broad palette of techniques. It requires an understanding of the motif and presentation; from retouching stains and imperfections to color adjustment, smoothing of skin, clipping, coloring of textiles, etc

Image quality

Our clients have extremely high demands in terms of quality for their images. Print, large formats and lifestyle imagery is something we deliver everyday.

Natural appearance

Significant digital manipulation of images that still appear natural - it is a skill!