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Retouching of packshots

Retouching packshots, along with clipping, has become standard when images need to be prepared for online use.

Mindworking Asia removes scratches, dust, stains and creases on all types of products for our clients.

We tailor to clients image template which creates a seamless experience for their customers.

We work in three shifts and can therefore utilize every hour of the day, which means very fast turnaround times. 

In addition we offer superimposing of neck sections in clothes, color management of products, color change of textiles and much more.

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Retouching of models

Mindworking Asia supplies some of the biggest fashion companies in the world and we are used to very distinct instructions for model images .

We work across multiple markets and tailor images for clients with a variety of requirements - depending on the end market for their products.

Whether it's refining imperfections, removing tattoos or simply getting the most natural look possible, we've got you covered.

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Not just Fashion

Our services extend beyond fashion, and we have clients ranging from advertising agencies, e-commerce, stationary to auto parts, petfood and hospitality.

Whether you require image retouching for advertising campaigns, product photography for your e-commerce platform, or visual enhancements for your physical locations, Mindworking Asia is your one-stop solution.

We understand the importance of presenting flawless images that captivates your target audience. If your images are in need of retouching - simply reach out, and we will gladly provide you with a complimentary test to demonstrate how we can elevate your visuals to new heights.

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The battle for customer attention

Both the clothing and textile industry has a continuous need for image editing. Whether it be for marketing purposes or across online and offline sales channels.

The models and clothing they wear represent the company’s brand in a highly competitive market.

In a market where everyone is fighting to be seen, quality and uniformity are crucial to capture the consumers’ eye and for brands to build affinity with their customers.


What is graphic image editing in the fashion industry?

In the fashion industry, models are used to present clothes, jewellery or other accessories in situations that should appear natural yet visually idealised. 

The models, their clothes and jewellery are retouched, as are often the surroundings.

The skill is making it appear as though it has not been manipulated.

Whether it's refining imperfections, altering surroundings or background, or simply getting the most natural look possible, Mindworking Asia got you covered.


Easy as 1 2 3

We are continuously working on and improving our workflows - making it even easier to use our services. 


Most of our customers use our cloud-based automated workflow and our SFTP platform for uploading images.

In saying that we work with a multitude of clients and processes. Happy to work within your ecosystem of file transfers if required.


We constantly monitor our servers and our production team will provide email confirmation - of numbers of files and delivery time - once files are received.

Standard turnaround is 24hrs but that can come down to 4hrs.

We are a 24hr operation and you will always get a quick confirmation on any job uploaded.



Once ready you will get a confirmation email from our production team that files are available to be picked up from agreed location.

Mindworking Asia solves the core challenges around retouching for our clients.

Demand for quality graphic design skills

Image editing requires a broad palette of techniques. It requires an understanding of the motif and presentation; from retouching stains and imperfections to color adjustment, smoothing of skin, clipping, coloring of textiles, etc

Image quality

Our clients have extremely high demands in terms of quality for their images. Print, large formats and lifestyle imagery is something we deliver everyday.

Natural appearance

Significant digital manipulation of images that still appear natural - it is a skill!