Mindworking Asia can change colors and patterns fast and easy.

Eliminating the need for additional packshots and without ever compromising on quality.

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Color change 

If you have a product that comes in ten different colors, it is costly to take photos of each.

Let Mindworking Asia change the colors of your products that come in multiple variations.

We handle both solid-colored products and complex patterns.

In addition to reducing your photography costs, you will also save on cutouts and superimposing neck sections.

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ColorChange -master

Both solid colored and complex patterns

The quality of color changes are seamless, including shadows and the texture of the fabric.

The end result is the same as if the product had been photographed in multiple color variations.

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Recolor any product

Furniture manufacturers produce sofas in different fabrics and colors, and even the legs may come in different materials.

Colors, fabrics and materials are often seasonal making it almost impossible to keep up by just taking photos.

Ability to adjust apparence leaves the possibilities endless and applies to all retail products.

Mindworking Asia delivers the opportunity to save on both cut-outs and any retouching required for individual products.

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Easy as 1 2 3


We are continuously working on and improving our workflows - making it even easier to use our services. 


Most of our customers use our cloud-based automated workflow and our SFTP platform for uploading images.

In saying that we work with a multitude of clients and processes. Happy to work within your ecosystem of file transfers if required.


We constantly monitor our servers and our production team will provide email confirmation - of numbers of files and delivery time - once files are received.

Standard turnaround is 24hrs but that can come down to 4hrs.

We are a 24hr operation and you will always get a quick confirmation on any job uploaded.



Once ready you will get a confirmation email from our production team that files are available to be picked up from agreed location.


Mindworking Asia solves the core challenges around retouching for our clients.

Demand for quality graphic design skills

Image editing requires a broad palette of techniques. It requires an understanding of the motif and presentation; from retouching stains and imperfections to color adjustment, smoothing of skin, clipping, coloring of textiles, etc

Image quality

Our clients have extremely high demands in terms of quality for their images. Print, large formats and lifestyle imagery is something we deliver everyday.

Natural appearance

Significant digital manipulation of images that still appear natural - it is a skill!